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invisibleTitle: invisible
Author: Cecily Anne Paterson
Pages: 270 (Ebook)
Rating: 3/5

 I got a free copy of invisible from Amazon, this is Paterson’s first book and while I had a few problems getting into it, once it picked up emotionally and storywise, I was really impressed.

Jazmine Crawford doesn’t make decisions. She doesn’t make choices. She doesn’t make friends. Jazmine Crawford only wants one thing: to be invisible. For Jazmine, it’s a lot easier to take out her hearing aid and drift along pretending that nothing’s wrong than it is to admit that she’s heartbroken. She starts to come out of her shell when she’s forced to be in the school play and even makes friends with bouncy Gabby and chocolate-loving Liam. But can she stand up to the school bully, and is she strong enough to face the truth about what really happened to her dad?

Why did I have trouble getting hooked? I couldn’t tell for sure what age Jazmine was, be it that I wasn’t paying attention or clues weren’t given soon enough. It drove me crazy. I’d pegged Jazmine as upper high schooler but once it was established that she was junior high level, it brought a more profound level of feeling to the story, at least, to me.

Bullying is a hard subject to write about and Jazmine went through a lot of ups that had me grinning at all the cuteness and simple happiness. Then there were moments that she’d retreat and leave me aching in sympathy. The worst part was her journal, kind of predictable but at the same time Paterson made it agonizing to read. Ahh, and I loved how the Secret Garden play (and Miss Fraser!!) helped Jazmine and the ending, just lovely and perfect amount of touching.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who might have a youngster (say 10+)  and to those that don’t. It’s a rough ride but also has its inspiring moments. Touching bases with many topics that are sometimes hard to acknowledge such as physical disabilities and depression I did truly enjoy this book for how honest it was. Read it!



the savage fortressTitle: The Savage Fortress
Author: Sarwat Chadda
Pages: 292
Rating: 4/5

I’ve decided to spend my summer reading as many middle grade books as I can, and boy, so far, I’m excited with all the talent and stories!

Varanasi: holy city of the Ganges.

In this land of ancient temples, incense and snake charmers…

Where the monsters and heroes of the past come to life…

One slightly geeky boy from our time…


Ash Mistry hates India. Which is a problem since his uncle has brought him and his annoying younger sister Lucky there to take up a dream job with the mysterious Lord Savage. But Ash immediately suspects something is very wrong with the eccentric millionaire. Soon, Ash finds himself in a desperate battle to stop Savage’s masterplan – the opening of the Iron Gates that have kept Ravana, the demon king, at bay for four millennia…

 I love going to other places in the world, especially when the author can make you almost taste the culture. I’ve always liked reading mythology and this book is full of good Hindu. I liked Ash and his sister Lucky right from the start. The book was packed with gut-wrenching moments and the best part, the villains were evil. You can totally fear and hate these guys without hesitation.

My favorite scene was at the beginning, when Ash first meets Parvati and Rishi without knowing how important they’re going to be. Not a spoiler I promise. Parvati is just epically cool, a bit distant but it’s part of her character and Chadda did a great job of showing her off in her best (or worst?). Lucky is a cute kid, the little sister, brave but still young. She has her moments that tear at you, and not in a an awww, cute kind of way. Ash, though he’s set up to look like he’s not much, grows in power (does he ever!) but I wasn’t sure he matured enough for my liking. There’s some moments when I wanted to yell at him for his immaturity at critical moments. Comic relief take a bit too far, perhaps.

The ending though! I loved it in all its scary implications! Next book please! You like superheroes with epic superpowers with all the responsibility and scary *spoiler* looking after you? This is your book. For the moment Ash and Lucky leave India but I’m sure problems are going to follow them, especially considering what Ash has become. *zips rambling mouth* Read this book. I really enjoyed it and I hope you will to!


I like looking at my bookshelf and seeing all the books that have accumulated along the years, growing up with me. I don’t deny it, I still have a soft spot for MG titles and I like to go back and reread every once in a while. Here are some of my favorites from childhood that I highly recommend (in no particular order).

I love greek myths and The Night Tourist was amazing with a dash of ghosts and memorable characters. the night tourist

Dragonsdale I’ve read many times and I always find it so refreshing. Wasn’t insta-love but the story is beautiful. Sweet but full of a young girl’s strong desire to fly.


Don’t think this is yet another dragon story recommendation from me, this book is so much more. The writing. is. epic. Love The Floating Island.
the floating island

Read it when I was young, never have seen the movie but Because of Winn-Dixie is a book for every dog lover (I’m more of a cat person but… still great!)
because of winn-dixie

And who doesn’t love a time-traveling story about twins and their friends? The Door To Time series takes you everywhere. Always read these on a rainy day. Perfect.
the door to time

Do you have any old childhood favorites that you pick up again and again? I definitely didn’t touch the whole of my list, will have to do this again sometime, but do check these books out for yourself or a young reader!

Happy Thursday!