This blog is now inactive. Feel free to peruse our past posts and archive. – Rosey and Tally

Bookmarks is a book reviewing blog spanning all genres and all age levels.

Tally: I’ve been a voracious reader ever since I learned to read. Not long ago I thought, how cool would it be to start a book blog? I asked my friend Rosey to join me, whom I met on a Hunger Games forum. You’ll see me reading a lot of fantasy though I like to expand my reading horizons to other genres like mysteries, thrillers, and sci-fi. I’ll try to keep things interesting! You can find me on Facebook  (must be logged on, feel free to friend me) or my own Goodreads account.

Rosey: When Tally invited me to join her blog, I jumped at the chance. A book addict since grade school, I read avidly and constantly. I’m most interested in YA science fiction, classic English cozy-style mysteries, and the odd badly-edited self published novel. I have my own YA novel, Amanda, that you can find on Amazon here.

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