Welcome to our third week of Line Catchers! Book quotes abound and as readers we all have our favorites. This is where Line Catchers comes in, where we hope to bring you some of our favorite lines from books, movies, or songs we enjoy.


Credit to Pasov for the background.

Another book quote this week, I loved The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss not just because of his wonderful play with words, but because as a musician, his words ring clear and true. Lately, I’ve been devoting my spare time to my flute and solo I picked out for this this last year, senior year. A harder piece than any other before I’ve learned to appreciate even more fully the time that people devote to their crafts, whatever it be. Especially those of exceeding patience; the teachers, the artists, the musicians, and yes, the writers. Do what you love and you’ll enjoy life a whole lot more, right? Practice is a necessary tool and as you go about your days this week don’t forget to give some time to that which needs your attention!

Have a wonderful week