Book quotes abound and as readers we all have our favorites. This is where Line Catchers comes in, where we hope to bring you some of our favorite lines from books, movies, or songs we enjoy. I’m excited to bring you some quotes I like and maybe you’ll learn a little bit about me too in the process!

night circus quote

I really love this quote so very much (in fact, I’ve shared it before but never a bad thing to share something you love twice, right?). I started writing novel length stories when I was fifteen and its something I enjoy doing. It’s not always easy business, any writer will tell you that so these are some words I look to when things are going slow. As a writer, this is my goal, to bring something to the reader that will stay with them long after they have finished reading. Erin Morgenstern is such a fantastic writer, her voice swirls around elegantly and it’s pure magic. I loved the THE NIGHT CIRCUS and its a story that’s stayed with me so I definitely recommend you check it out. It has one of the most amazing circuses you’ll ever attend, trust me. So even if you aren’t a writer, have a few lovely words to start your week.

Till next time!