Uprising by Jessica Therrien Oppression sequel coverTitle: Uprising
Author: Jessica Therrien
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Pages: 386 (paperback)

As many of you know I really like Jessica Therrien and her work. I’ve previously reviewed Oppression, the first book in her Children of the Gods series, and we did a great author interview in celebration of her new (though not so new at the time of this review because I’ve had this post on my computer for the past month and a half and just hadn’t uploaded it in all that time. Also it took me like a month to get to reading it after I got the book) book Uprising. I’ve finally finished the highly anticipated novel, and, as usual, I have some things to say. First, a no-spoilers summary:

Elyse and William are still in hiding, both as a couple and as a race. The Descendants, a group of partial gods living amongst the humans of the world, are still constantly working to conceal their secret while hoping to avoid the wrath of the Descendant big brother, the Council. Elyse and William are personal interests of the violent and powerful Christoph, member and leader of the Council and intent on the possession of their heretofore nonexistent child, the new oracle of the century. As lovers Elyse and William try desperately to prevent the conception of their child, are they as safe as their protector would have them believe?

I really liked this book for the first 72% (I know the numbers because Jessica Therrien and publishers generously reduced the price for a while and I bought it on my kindle), and then there was a plot twist I very much disagree with. I will not detail it here, but it wasn’t so much “oh no cruel fictional world” and more “wow that was a trope destined to make the rest of this novel worse and predictable.” And it did make things, in my opinion, worse, but there was still some unpredictability, which I am very much grateful about. Jessica Therrien pulled through with the writing and [SPOILER] having been recently pregnant with her first child, provided one of the most accurate pregnancies I’ve seen written in paranormal YA in a long time (Twilight, I’m looking at you) [END SPOILER].
All in all, a solid followup to a phenomenal first.