Sorry for my lack of internetting these past few (few? yikes) weeks, and I hope to manage a better posting schedule from here on out.

While I was away from the keys, a very big thing happened. Wordstock 2013. Though I didn’t get to spend much time there I did step out of a sixteen hour debate tournament to see a panel on YA fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi (this panel wasn’t titled, as you can probably guess) which included the magnificent Maggie Stiefvater and several other authors I found thoroughly enjoyable. Maggie the Magnificent signed the rest of my Wolves of Mercy Falls books, and was generally nice to me (as always). On day two I snuck away to see Kirby Larson talk about her new book, Duke, and then proceeded to break down in tears as she signed my well-loved copy of Hattie Big Sky (one of the best books on the planet).

I caught a peek of Jill Wolfson and spent the next hour beating myself up about not catching her talk, but overall I’m happy with who I saw. I could’ve spent all weekend there, but scheduling was not exactly conducive to that amount of free time.

I other Wordstock-related news, I finally finished one of the books I bought at Wordstock 2012, Every Day by David Levithan, so look for that review soon.

See you soon (hopefully),