Today we continue the playlist review of Shiver by Maggie Steifvater, heading into chapters six through ten. If you missed the original post, fear not. If you want to keep up only with the playlist reviews, they’re all organized on the Recurring Topic Archives.

Chapter 6: October – Stephan Moccio
Grace, post wolf time, finishes dinner and receives the news she will be getting a new car, which to her means freedom. She and the white wolf from before have a midnight standoff.

Let me say it for the thousandth time, I am a vibe over literal message, so for Shiver especially I pick a lot of instrumental/classical/not-lyrically-matching songs and ask that you just roll with it. This one sounds awesome and I feel like it conveys (if you’re reading along at home, you’ll know what I mean) the whole chapter pretty well and especially the part at the very end of the chapter where she’s in bed with her sweater.

Chapter 7: The Devil’s Tears – Angus & Julia Stone
Sam is still obsessed with Grace. End of chapter.

I picked this song mostly for the instrumental background, but the lyrics are also fairly pertinent. I especially love the instrumental intro. It sounds like Sam to me.

Chapter 8: Tear Us Apart – Ghost Beach
Grace spends some time with actual human beings, though she doesn’t like it much, and she feels like one of her two friends, Olivia, doesn’t like her much anymore. At the end of the chapter, she hears a scream, but we don’t know where it comes from.

In actuality, I a little bit picked this song because the title directly relates to the chapter, but it also sounds like the chapter, so I think it’s allowable.

Chapter 9: In Our Nature – José Gonzales
Grace follows the scream (she believes it’s the dead dude’s, Jack Culpeper) into the woods, where she sees the angry lady wolf, the pack leader, and a new wolf who has the same colored eyes as Jack’s. Grace comes to the conclusion that there are more things going on than she currently has a grasp on.

I feel like José Gonzales is a pretty werewolfey dude, and I know I’ve been telling you vibe over message but this message is pretty great. The sound is also a bit like the chapter, but maybe not the part of the chapter where things are the most dramatic.

Chapter 10 – Brain Stew – Green Day
Grace is still fighting with Olivia when Isabel Culpeper, Jack’s sister, comes in and talks about how her rich and influential family is having all the wolves killed that afternoon. This freaks Grace out, obviously, and she drives off in her quickly stalling car to where the hunting party has already left, leaving a powerless officer in their wake. After making up a story about a ‘friend’ who was in the woods to make the officer do all he could to stop the wolves, she takes off in the hopes of saving any wolves she can.

I try to avoid Green Day because all of their songs have been heard a hundred times, but this song was the best for this emotionally-fraught chapter and the gritty (okay not so gritty, but gritty for paranormal romance) hunting scene.

Hopefully your day has been less exciting than Grace’s,