seranfyllTitle: Seranfyll
Author: Christina Daley
Pages: (Ebook)
Rating: 5/5

Warning: Excited babbling ahead.

The thirteen-year-old slave girl lives in the country of Yoan, where slaves aren’t allowed proper names, let alone anything else. After being sold by a gambler and “bought” by a thief, she ends up purchased by an eccentric young nobleman named Lord Domrey Seranfyll…while he’s drunk. He’s so smashed that he actually buys nine other slaves with Rain and takes them to his massive manor in the countryside, which is rumored to be haunted. In fact, loads of rumors surround Lord Domrey. Like that his horse can fly. Or that he’s a devil.

But after getting even more intoxicated, Lord Domrey does something rather peculiar: He sets all ten slaves free that same day. And then he passes out. Many of the newly freed slaves leave, but Rain chooses to stay and look after the odd young lord. He freed them, so he can’t be as bad as people say, right?

But Rain’s going to learn quickly that choices have consequences, and that being “free” means much more than what she thought before.

It’s so hard for me to find a book that I can’t put down nowadays. I absolutely LOVED this book! I don’t care what age you are, READ THIS. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me sad and cry and, hate the characters and want to protect them and Rain, she’s such a beautiful, flawed person who loves those she cares about so much!

The writing was great, I had no problems with it, almost couldn’t believe it was self-published. Loved it. There were some slow moments in the plot but I don’t think you could have changed much without losing a necessary part of the story. My favorite characters were definitely Rain, Domrey, and the horses. Domrey for trying so hard to be a better person. The horses for being freaking awesome. And Rain for being brave enough to make choices for herself.

The book touches not only on magic (the house! the apple tree! I cried over that part, hah) or the flying horses (they have an awesome place;) ) but on becoming a family and facing their problems together, like alcoholism, slavery, betrayal, and gambling. It’s a story interlaced with pure honesty, hatred, and ambition. There are sleigh rides and mage battles, flying carpets and a light touch of romantic love.

I dearly hope you enjoy this as much as I did, definitely a book you or your young readers need to check out!


(P.S. As a warning, there are a couple of scenes that are quite difficult emotionally. Ages 10+)