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Rosey promised you we’d have new features and fun stuff and I heartily agree in keeping that promise. I’ve been wanting to do something that showcases the masterminds of some of our favorite books! So welcome to our new monthly feature and I’ve chosen the lovely Susan Dennard to debut in our feature!

I’ll admit, I never picked up a “zombie book” until I stumbled across Susan’s blog and saw the cover of Something Strange and Deadly. I fell head over heels in love before and after I read her debut book. Her second book, A Darkness Strange and Lovely  came out recently and not only that, but she has a novella from that world too called A Dawn Most WickedTo top it off, she’s writing a novel(sort of) (on tumblr!) with friend and fellow author Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass), “a serialized space opera set in a diverse and cutthroat galaxy,” called The Starkillers Cycle.

something strange and deadlya darkness strange and lovely

the starkillers cyclea dawn most wicked

Marine biologist turned writer and also her own personal graphic designer, she has amassed an amazing array of links for writers and those looking to learn more about her. You can find her on her author website/blog (look around! there’s so many great things there for writers. or check out her interviews) where she gives updates on her adventures (music too!) or visit her books’ website to learn more about her works! Did I mention how enthusiastic she is about giving advice? Find her on Pub(lishing) Crawl, another great authors’ website where you’ll find great information from some of your favorite authors. Susan is a regular there and always has something to help you with that work-in-progress! She’s such a great author to follow and I look forward to following her career! And as a little incentive, look for the secret page on Ms. Dennard’s author website, you might get lucky and win a prize;)

She also participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last November which I personally found exciting. Not only that but she recently answered some questions through various posts on the Office of Letters and Light blog, here.

Find her:

Author Website
Book Website
Pub(lishing) Crawl

If you come across her, feel free to give her a cookie, I hear she’ll write for cookies^.^


Disclaimer: I do not stalk authors. I just watch them from afar…. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR WRITING ENDEAVORS SUSAN DENNARD.