Scott Westerfeld The Last Days Peeps sequelTitle: The Last Days
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Rating: 4/5 stars
Pages: 286 (paperback)

I’ve reviewed a lot of Scott Westerfeld books, but there’s one I haven’t gotten to yet, and intend to cover today (with maybe a playlist review in the future). As I’ve mentioned before, I really love Scott Westerfeld’s writing (I’ve never really gotten in on the Midnighters thing, but it seems alright to me), and I’ve been trying to pick a favorite book for the past five minutes and can’t decide.

Anyway, one of the books in the running for favorite is Peeps, a book about a new parasite sweeping the land. I haven’t actually reviewed it, a lot because the market has been flooded with vampire books for a long time and even I get bored of them, and a little bit because I read it for the first time in like 2008 when I was a. not blogging b. young and naive and c. devouring books at the speed of light (so I forgot them quickly). There’s nothing like the first time you read a book. Peeps is a good book to read for the first time. The sequel, The Last Days, is also a good book to read for the first time, as I just did. I knew I was going to like it because I know I like Scott Westerfeld and Peeps, but I didn’t know how much I was going to like it.

Peeps was very science-centric, as in all the anecdotes were about parasites and diseases and the main character was always talking about parasites and diseases and the plot was kinda parasite and disease centric, but The Last Days, was music-centric, which was awesome because if you’ve ever read this blog before you’ve probably figured out that I am a bit of a music nerd. I was not of the knowledge that The Last Days would be a music book, so it was super cool when I found out (about three pages into the first chapter, when the main characters identify and save a vintage strat falling from a very high floor of a New York apartment building). The book continued to improve from that point on, and though I can’t really say the thing I loved most about the Peeps/The Last Days because it would be a gigantic spoiler, I can say that I think it might’ve even been a tiny bit better than Peeps, which is high praise because Peeps was and is at the top of my favorites list (which I should probably post someday).

The Last Days is one of those books where I keep starting to talk about things but then realize that if I mention it I’ll ruin the story for other people, which is not my end goal, and should tell you something about how awesome the writing/plotting is. It’s a tight book, with zero loose ends (I mean, zero. Peeps had maybe one or two, and then The Last Days tied those up as well).

To touch on something I love about all Scott Westerfeld books but especially this one, the vocabulary and slang in The Last Days was great. The characters had a habit of adding fs to words that began with vowels (or even, in the case of cool, changing the first letter so it was fool). It worked very well.

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