Abandon Elana Johnson Possession series third book Title: Abandon
Author: Elana Johnson
Pages: 446 (Hardcover)
Rating: 4/5 stars

The final installment in the Possession series, Abandon was a very emotionally taxing book. I was finishing the book in a semi-public place, and as surprise after surprise attacked my metaphorical heart I had only a few seconds to be embarrassed that I was crying and both of my arms had been thrown over my head. I’m not much of a book crier. I cried (okay had a mental breakdown) at John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I cried at The Book Thief and Mockingjay when a certain sugar-cube wielding character from the 75th Hunger Games met his end. But it takes a lot to get me. I won’t be posting a spoiler review here, but I do have one, so look for that one way or another eventually (no promises).

I don’t want to do too much of a teaser/synopses/summary (whatever you call these things I put after the intro and before I squee) because I worry about ruining the ending for all my lovely readers, because I accidentally read the most offhand comment while looking at Abandon on Amazon and it screwed up the book for me a little. I will not tell you what that spoiler was, though, because then I would be doing the same thing to you and that would suck. Getting back to the point, here goes:

Vi, Jag, and Zenn have made it through some tough times. Some of those times have seen them more friendly with each other than others, though, and they have quite the history to deal with as they run the Revolution and also make out a lot. Who with, no one really knows. But everyone cares.

As the brotherly jealousy and romantic malice unfold, the Resistance is growing. But the Association is growing something else, and it began with a little someone named Cash in the Evolutionary Rise, if you know what I mean. Both of these things will be cause for much frustration and anguish to the twisted love triangle (or perhaps square ? . . . oh my). Which one will end it all? No one knows. No one wants to find out, either. Someone’s been leaking secrets. Everyone’s afraid of who it is. Could it be Vi, brainwashed and broken, heart torn in two? Or Zenn, tired of playing both sides but unsure which one he’s actually working for? Or Jagg, exhausted, broken, and choked with not only his love for Vi, but his rage at her love for another? Gunn doesn’t know. Thane doesn’t know. It’s a game of Clue that will decide which side wins, and which side dies.

I loved Possession. I loved Surrender. I loved Abandoned. As I professed, these books got better as they went along. This book was not haunted with the += situation, nor the yeahs. Some becauses sneaked their way in there, but they were not so noticeable as to ruin even 1% of the rest of the plot. And did I mention the plot? It was fantastic. I sat their huddled in a corner of my dark room (dark because I hadn’t been able to get up to turn on the lights since before they were necessary) and tore through the gripping tales that were so linked and interconnected I could never really figure out what was going on. But I liked it.

Remember the last review? Friday . . . Surrender . . . Me listing my hopes and dreams for the next book? It definitely was more than I’d hoped. Let’s review them now, and then I’ll add some extra points I didn’t anticipate.
It is narrated by at least one of the points in the love triangle from Possession (most hopefully Jag, but Vi was great in the first book and I wouldn’t mind reading from Zenn’s point of view).
Indeed, it was. Jag and Zenn grace the pages of the lustrous purple brick, trading off narrations like Gunn and Raine did in Abandon. Don’t be discouraged, my lovely love-triangle-side-pickers. It’s worth having to suffer through your not OTP’s events to get to the beauty that is the end of this book.
It is at least 600 pages long.
Alas, it is not. It’s also not 464 pages long like I’d earlier said, at least not in hardcover. It’s only 446 (actually maybe I’m just losing my mind. Probably the real reason). The 600 page goal was only wishful thinking, and I knew that from the moment I wrote it. I still wish it was 600 pages, but I feel fulfilled after reading the ones the lovely Elana Johnson instilled with her gorgeous and masterful prose.
There is no resurfacing of the yeah and because, even if Vi is narrating.
4/5 here. Hardly any yeahs, and only a few becauses that were very suitable to the plot and I wouldn’t have noticed had I not alerted my senses. And, since I know you’re still hoping, Vi’s narration graces exactly zero pages of Abandon. I know, so sad, but it’s alright.
There is ZERO ‘it was all a dream/all government orchestrated’ plot work.
HURRAH! Followthrough! And zero bad plot devices here. Thank you, esteemed Mrs. Johnson.
The ending is closed. No room for interpretation or continuation, everything’s been worked out.
Not spoilin’ here. I was okay with the ending, though I have to admit the pages were pretty blurry while I read the last chapters, so maybe I didn’t see everything correctly. I will edit if I have second thoughts, promise.

A few additions I feel the need to make now I’ve been shown the Elana Johnson light:
– Skillful dealing with the love triangle aspect of the plot.
– Not making the reader (me) long for the other three narrators.
– Not getting thrown at anything in my house or the surrounding areas. (Check. Also didn’t get punched (happened with the last two HP books when people died). I was too spellbound to move, let alone close the book for long enough to injure the beautiful purple cover (or, more likely, my hand on the sharp hardcover binding)).

I don’t know what I can say to convince you if you haven’t already picked up Possession, but really, do yourself a favor and at least give it a chance. The sample pages on Amazon will probably be enough to convince you of what I’ve failed to convey.

Also, did I mention there are two more tie-ins? One is available on Goodreads, the other one it might take me a few weeks to track down, so wait patiently for more Possession series enthusiasm hitting Bookmarks soon. I will post about something else between this and the other pieces to the lovely Possession series set, but probably not very many times.

Being in love with a series feels great,