I post these all the time, I know, but that ends today. And now I really mean it. I’ve finished the book, a song for every chapter. You can find all of the music (including a full playlist) on our Grooveshark page.

It’s been a long, 47 chapter haul through the literary genius of Scott Westerfeld, and I am sad to see it go. All good things must end, as the old saying goes. Not all posting practices must end, however. I will probably make more playlist reviews in the future. Maybe I’ll even start the Pretties Playlist Review sometime. For now, enjoy these last three chapters and then my final addition – a musical overview of the book through the three sections (aka a mini, 3-song playlist that you can listen to over and over and over again if you please).

Chapter 45 – Hippocratic Oath

Somebody that I Used to Know – Elliot Smith (no, not the Gotye song)
The Smokies discuss putting Shay’s head right, but she doesn’t want it and no one wants to force her to do it other than Tally, who doesn’t really get a say. They need a test subject, they say. She’ll be a test subject, Tally says. Whoa.

Chapter 46 – Confessions

Tighten Up – The Black Keys
David protests at Tally’s dangerous idea and she admits to everything (hence the chapter title), and he storms off, leaving Tally and Maddy to themselves for a few minutes. Things go down. Tally decides for sure to leave.

47 – Down the River

Pull My Heart Away – Jack Peñate
Tally and Shay head back to New Pretty Town so Tally can become the Pretty she’d dreamed about since infancy. As they give themselves up, Tally’s last ugly word (and the last word of the book) is the title of the next. Cool, yeah?

That’s the end. Good thing there are two more books and an . . . Epilogue book? Never sure what to call Extras

As a final goodbye, I’ve summed up each part of Uglies (there are three of them) as a song and made a special little playlist for them. Adios.

Part I – Turning Pretty

Vanity – Lady Gaga

Part II – The Smoke

Arms of a Thief – Iron & Wine

Part III – Into the Fire

Killing For Love – José González


So long and thanks for all the fish.

Man I am just full of clichéd phrases today.

See you later, but not for another Uglies Playlist Review,

(Also, Tally and I have decided to lighten up the posting schedule – you can expect posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on. Thanks for reading!)