Hello and welcome to another installment of the Uglies Playlist Review. If you’re just tuning in, I read some chapters from Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and then pick music to go with the story, which some people like to read along to and others just like to enjoy. Some people don’t like either of those options and don’t listen at all, which is fine, but remember that trying new things is the spice of life and who doesn’t want more seasoning on their 80+ years? Today I’ll be doing chapters 40-44, which is possibly the most gorgeous array of fours that I’ve ever written for a book blog.

Chapter 40: Over the Edge

Mission – Beats Antique
Tally and David pull their biggest trick yet, as do the uglies they’d enlisted. I don’t get why no one worries about them. On the bright side, Tally and David make it onto the roof of Special Circumstances without being murdered or kidnapped. This chapter was so epic that I picked one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups of all time, which should say something about how much I like this chapter. I’ve been saving this song for 39 other chapters because none of them deserved it quite like this one did.

Chapter 41: Inside

Smooth Criminal – 2cellos
Get it? ‘Cause they’re all criminals now? No? Anyways, in this chapter our heroes explore the Special Circumstances compound via elevator shaft and a hospital wing before running into Dr. Cable and someone they didn’t expect.

Chapter 42: Rescue

Hard to Explain – The Strokes
Several people are saved from the compound, with the aid of a mindbogglingly strange and gorgeous Shay. David’s mom makes it out, but not his dad.

Chapter 43: Getaway

On Your Wings – Iron & Wine
Tally takes a tipsy pretty Shay for a double hoverboard ride and realizes just how much Special Circumstances manipulated Shay’s brain, and it makes her even more sorry for the accidental betrayal.

Chapter 44: Night Alone

Germany to Germany – Ratatat
The leftover Smokies and Tally and Shay head out to the ruins to regroup with David and his mom, who has some surprising information at her fingertips these days. (This is another song that I’ve been saving for the perfect chapter).

And that’s where I leave you. Next chapter? Hippocratic Oath. I’m intrigued.

Also, have I mentioned that the next playlist will be the end of Uglies? That’s happening.

Stay bubbly,