Yet another Uglies playlist for you. Today I put chapters 35-39 to music, that you will hopefully enjoy. (Also, we’re more than 2/3 of the way through the book! Soon it will be over! What will I do then?)

Chapter 35: Ruin

Red Rabbits – The Shins
Tally and David head back to the Smoke and find it in ruins, with everyone’s shoes left for Tally to pick and choose from as a final tribute to her barefoot escape. Also, there are lots of rabbits, hence the song.

Chapter 36: Maddy and Az

True Affection – The Blow
Our love interests leave the ruined town and find David’s parents’ house, which they discover burnt to a crisp but free of human bodies. David brings Tally to the secret ‘in case Special Circumstances arrive’ emergency supply stash and they get ready to head back into the wild.

Chapter 37: The Oil Plague

Fire By Night – Josh Garrels
David explains why the old civilization (the Rusties) fell, and reminds Tally that there are faults in the system she grew up in as well.

Chapter 38: Familiar Sights

Lower Ground – Pearl and the Puppets
Tally and David make it to the city and suddenly Tally’s in her element, which she enjoys. They plot to infiltrate Special Circumstances.

Chapter 39: Accomplices

Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders
Tally and David enlist some help from the uglies in town.

And with that, another cliffhanger. Will Tally and David make it into Special Circumstances? Will they survive once they’re in? And will they ruin the lives of the kids they’ve roped into their scheme?