Playlists are my favorite thing. Today I regale you with chapters 31-34 of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and conveniently drop you off a couple chapters into Part III.

Chapter 31 – Burning Bridges

Mountain Sound – Of Monsters & Men
I’m not an Of Monsters & Men listener (though the the book Monsters of Men was superb), but this song popped up on my Pandora the other day and it fit well with this chapter. Tally learns what being pretty entails and is thankful that she didn’t activate her locket and call the Special Circumstances. Then she accidentally does.

Enter Part III – Into the Fire

Chapter 32 – Invasion

The Way We Get By – Spoon
The Special Circumstances attack things and Tally attempts to escape via hoverboard barefoot. Also Shay is incredibly angry but no one believes her that Tally turned them in. Tally doesn’t know if she did until Dr. Cable tells her that if Tally’s bugged necklace was destroyed it would tell them where she was. This song belongs in the background of a muffled rendition of Tally fighting the special to let the Boss (one of the dudes from the Smoke) save himself.

Chapter 33 – Run

Recall – Hesta Prynn
Tally books it away from the Smoke and hides in the cave that David brought her to. There’s someone in there as well.

Chapter 34 – Amazing

Don’t Know Why (You Stay) – The Essex Green
Tally and David talk about why Tally knows about Special Circumstances and she adds more lies to the pile. Then she feels guilty, which makes David even more in love with her. Oh the irony.