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There’s nothing like a growing shelf of to-be-read books to make you nervous. Or happy. Preferably both. A writing friend was kind enough to let me buy some of her old books, here’s a few of the several books I got! Oldies but goodies, or at least I hope!

Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot
It’s National Poetry Writing Month so why not celebrate with some lovely stanzas?
four quartets

The Eight by Katherine Neville
An international hunt for a chess set? I’m hooked and willing to jump into a genre I don’t normally read.
the eight

Guardian of the Balance (got the first three books in the Merlin’s Descendants series) by Irene Radford
I love Arthurian tales, especially about Merlin. And his descendants….
guardian of the balance

The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey
I’ve been wanting to read something by Ms. Lackey so I jumped at the chance to get to read one of her books.
the snow queen

Just a few of the books that I’ve acquired in recent days. What are you going to read this week?