I like looking at my bookshelf and seeing all the books that have accumulated along the years, growing up with me. I don’t deny it, I still have a soft spot for MG titles and I like to go back and reread every once in a while. Here are some of my favorites from childhood that I highly recommend (in no particular order).

I love greek myths and The Night Tourist was amazing with a dash of ghosts and memorable characters. the night tourist

Dragonsdale I’ve read many times and I always find it so refreshing. Wasn’t insta-love but the story is beautiful. Sweet but full of a young girl’s strong desire to fly.


Don’t think this is yet another dragon story recommendation from me, this book is so much more. The writing. is. epic. Love The Floating Island.
the floating island

Read it when I was young, never have seen the movie but Because of Winn-Dixie is a book for every dog lover (I’m more of a cat person but… still great!)
because of winn-dixie

And who doesn’t love a time-traveling story about twins and their friends? The Door To Time series takes you everywhere. Always read these on a rainy day. Perfect.
the door to time

Do you have any old childhood favorites that you pick up again and again? I definitely didn’t touch the whole of my list, will have to do this again sometime, but do check these books out for yourself or a young reader!

Happy Thursday!