With the second Hunger Games movie coming up in a year-ish (sigh), I thought I’d share with you some of the clothes sets I’ve created on Polyvore in the past couple years. They’re not quite as . . . interesting? Eye-catching? Elaborate. They’re not quite as elaborate as what the costume designers for the official film think up, but I did most of them before the movie came out, so who was I to know that all my ideas were about to be topped? I hope they’re not too boring for you after that fire dress from the interview.

First off, Johanna Mason’s set. She was possibly (okay definitely) my favorite character in all of the books except for maybe Finnick on occasion. (I’m assuming that you’ve already read the books and know who I’m talking about because it seems like most of humanity has devoured the trilogy. If not, I apologize, and feel free to find a different post or just enjoy the sets for the fashion.) (Also, to be clear, these are not the clothes that the characters would choose for themselves, they’re the clothes that the stylists that live in my brain would choose for them.)

Jo's Clothes

Oh, look another one. I really dig Johanna, okay?

Johanna Outfit

And now an Annie, because who can resist the ocean color motif? Not I.

Annie Formal

And an obligatory Katniss/Peeta featuring possibly the most overused line from all of THG.


I think I’ve assaulted your eyes with enough of my fashions for one day, but suffice it to say that as they turn on the propaganda promotional hype machines, I am getting more and more impatient to see if they botch or rock this next movie.

Also, completely different note, but cool things are happening in Nerdfighteria, including a movie of The Fault In Our Stars and a book release on behalf of the much missed Esther Earl.

Also, our site appears to be experiencing some layout/coding difficulties. We’re attempting to work those out, but don’t worry if we look a little wonky for now/the rest of time.

Happy Tuesday,