I just can’t get enough of these! Also, this whole chapter-by-chapter thing means we’ll finish nearer to 2015 than the present if I don’t hurry up and plug these out!

As you will remember, I read a chapter and pick a song. Then you can listen to the songs while you read the book, if that floats your boat (or your hoverboard), or just listen to the pretty music. Today I’ll be doing chapters 26-30 of Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld.

Chapter 26: Heartthrob

Burning – The Whitest Boy Alive
Tally gets a sweater and sleeping bag, and Shay puts a story right into Tally’s mouth. Tally is conflicted about revealing the Smoke.

Chapter 27: Suspicion

Cellophane – Sara Jackson-Holman

One of Tally’s acquaintances brings up his suspicions with her, and she thinks fast – but possibly not fast enough. Shay gets worried about Tally’s relationship with her love interest, David.

Chapter 28: Bravery

Walking – The Dodos
David whisks Tally off for a ‘conversation,’ and Tally lies some more, but also realizes that she’s not lying when she says that she likes it in the Smoke. Also, by the way, David wants her to meet his parents. Oh the romantic cliffhangers.

Chapter 29: The Secret

Little Secrets – Passion Pit
Tally meets the ‘rents, and tries to get them to tell her their big secret. I wonder what it will be? (And yes, I did pick this song mostly because of the title. Rules were meant to be broken.)

Chaper 30: Pretty Minds

Making Me Nervous – Brad Sucks
Huge plot spoiler here! But you’ve probably already read it, so here goes: “Becoming pretty doesn’t just change the way you look.” “No, it changes the way you think.” AGAIN WITH THE CLIFFHANGERS!!