Today I thought that I’d talk about one of America’s favorite subjects: television. Being a fairly typical, not-living-under-a-rock type of person, I’ve had my share of exposure to TV. And one thing that I’ve noticed about popular, ABC style TV, is that the very successful shows are made from books with a long series and short novel length. Let me give some examples.

Gossip Girl – Successful book franchise (13 books and a parody, though some were ghostwritten), made into . . . Successful TV series. Six seasons, billions of viewers. Tada!

Pretty Little Liars – These books were a little longer, but still had all the features of a trashy beach read (not bashing the PLL, BTW. JKJK. No, actually, no judgement over here). There were 14 books and two companion novels – also all bestsellers. That one got loads, and loads, and loads of followers.

Lastly, True Blood – A greatly loved paranormal series about a kind of socially awkward girl that got just a little bit shifted in production (Went from The Southern Vampire Mysteries to True Blood, for example) . . . But widely enjoyed anyways. 14 novels and 18 short stories/novellas. Extremely successful.

Movies, however, are made of mostly singular books (and we are not talking about LOTR, so don’t even bring it up. Or Harry Potter. Those are special.) Examples:

Beastly – Single book (for the plotline, there were some other retellings of fairytales with the witch in them . . .), turned into good movie (completely saved by Alex Pettyfer, by the way).

It’s Kind of A Funny Story – Absolutely fantastic book, turned into an almost equally fantastic movie. Actually one of my favorite movies ever.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower – A book loved by many, many, many, many people, turned into a movie loved by many, many, many, many, many, many people. Enough said. (Though may I point out that that one is also one of my favorite movies? It is.)

So, as you can see, I have supported my hypothesis.

And then you get to the rest of modern TV. Whatever. It’s still interesting.

The Princess Diaries were like a hundred volumes long and got turned into two movies.
The Alex Rider series was a nine book series and only got one movie (also had Alex Pettyfer in it can you see a pattern?)

My theory still stands. Go, Rosey.

Also, apologies for the unfinished post being posted . . . My coughing fit must have made me hit the post button 😉

Happy Tuesday, and don’t rot your brain with too much screen time. Read a paper book to give your eyes a break.