I know that I just did a playlist, but it was short, and I’ve been itching to do another one all week. This time I’m doing chapters 20-25, which should be a blast. Also, I’ve put up a handy page with links to all of our recurring topic posts (read: Uglies Playlists and Tally’s Project: Fairy Tale posts). And, to keep you in the loop, Tally’s been absent because of a snowstorm that’s taken out her electricity (crazy, right?).

With no further ado, the playlist!

Chapter 20 – Firestorm

Breathe Today – Flyleaf
Tally wakes to an unfamiliar noise- but soon discovers what it is. While hurrying to escape the flames, she is picked up by some rather interesting creatures.

Chapter 21 – Bug Eyes

I Got Mine – The Black Keys
Tally is picked up by the fire-bug eyes, who are actually people, and they give her a ride to the meeting place for the smoke.

Chapter 22 – Lies

Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard
The Smoke finds Tally (or maybe Tally finds the smoke?) and she begins her descent into lying about her real purpose.

Chapter 23 – The Model

English House – Fleet Foxes
Tally goes to the library with Shay and looks at old magazines, trying to get used to the ‘old’ uglies. She decided not to call in the Special Operations quite yet, and to see what’s going on with this new style of living.

Chapter 24 – Work

Broadripple Is Burning (Daytrotter Sessions) – Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Tally goes to work with Shay, and has real fun, reconsidering her world views.

Chapter 25 – David

Fire By Night – Josh Garrels
Tally spends some quality time with David in a tunnel, and tries not to let out that she’s planning on betraying them all. Or is she?

Happy listening, and happy reading along (you’re doing that, right?)