Apologies for the pause in posting, sometimes life needs a little bit more attention than reading will allow. But, I’m back today, bringing another part of the Uglies Playlist Reviews. It’s been a while, yeah? I’m sure the playlists have missed you too.

Quick recap, I read each chapter and pick one (or sometimes two) songs to go with the chapter, and then I post the playlist here for everyone to enjoy. My numbers got mixed up somehow, so I’m going to try and fix it by posting just three chapters today. Good plan? Good plan.

Chapter 17: Spagbol

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant
By now, Tally is tired and worried about making time on her journey. Also, she’s discovered her mealplan for the next two weeks. Thank you, Dr. Cable.

Chapter 18: The Worst Mistake

Killing For Love – José Gonzales
Life in the wild is hard for Tally, and fairly monotonous. She misses home, and she’s tired of Spagbol for breakfast. Though she loves the natural beauty of the woods, she just wants a hot bath. Instead, she gets a dip in the freezing river and “something coming”.

Chapter 19: The Side You Despise

North by North – Faded Paper Figures
Tally realizes that she’s not as alone as she though she was in the huge woods, and also looses her sleeping bag. Then one of Shay’s clues makes her homesick again, and she takes the side she despises.

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