We here at Bookmarks appreciate a good series, especially a YA one. But, once the trilogy has ended, the writers don’t just disappear. Many of the authors I’ve grown to love and posted about on the blog are working on new books or new projects that we sometimes forget to look up.

John Green recently rented Carnegie Hall for the one-year anniversary of his #1 bestselling book The Fault in Our Stars. He’s also expecting a second child, and yesterday got to interview the President, who chose not to comment on the debate between naming his new daughter Eleanor or Alice. He also continues to vlog on a variety of channels, most notably his Vlogbrothers channel. In fact, he vlogs so many places that I had to make continues a link. That’s saying something.

Peg Kehret is writing another book (no title released yet, but here’s a picture of her editing). She also continues to win awards left and right while supporting her two major causes, animal rights and the fight against polio. She also posts amusing and good-hearted stories on Facebook pretty much daily.

Addison Moore is close to releasing Ethereal Knights, well-known Ethereal told from the other two points of the love triangle. She’s also gearing up for a spring release of the last Ethereal book, Elysian, as well as the second Countenance book, Evanescent. Busy girl! She continues to blog about her books and her experiences while writing them.

Jessica Therrien has had her new baby, Matthew, for about three weeks! Huge congratulations to her! She’s also pretty close to the release of the second book in her Children of the Gods series, Uprising. She also blogs about life as an author and now life as a mom.

Maggie Steifvater‘s new book, The Dream Thieves, is in the works, to be released September 17, 2013, following a successful release of the first in the four-book series, The Raven Boys. She’s joining a middle-grade series (something like 39 Clues, where multiple authors work to make them string together in some way), so look for reviews in the distantish future. She’s also wildly hilarious and blogs on various platforms, and says funny things on Facebook.

Finally, Suzanne Collins is releasing a new kids picture book, Year of the Jungle, about her experience when her father went to war. Scholastic says it should be out in Fall 2013.

Congrats to all the fabulous authors, and happy Friday,