the frog princessTitle: The Frog Princess
Author: E.D. Baker
Pages: Ebook (Paperback:224)
Rating: 3.5/5

Continuing with Project: Fairy Tale Today I bring you an MGish retelling.
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I admit it was an adventure reading this book in more than one way! This is the first time that I read an entire book in a format other than print. Call me a traditionalist but it truly was a new experience. But I loved reading The Frog Princess. The whole time I couldn’t help but compare it to the original story. A short synopsis:

Princess Emeralda is not your average, graceful princess. She looks for adventure in the swamps and avoids the snobby Prince Jorge come to ask her hand in marriage. Uneager to face her predestined future she befriends a talking frog in the swamp who wants nothing more than a kiss.
Breaking the curse proves harder and the two royal frogs, Prince Eadric and Emeralda go headlong into an adventure with surprising friends and enemies at every turn.

There’s A Kiss Gone Wrong

It’s not a great idea to kiss a frog when you don’t know what you’re doing. Take it from Emeralda who tries to do a good deed for the kind frog who listened to her woes.

It’s realistic, being a frog. That’s the thing that made this book so outstanding. Have you ever wondered what it is to be a frog? Find out along with Emeralda while she practices her fly-catching skills and avoids the natural predators. Maybe too real at times…

Eadric makes a nice frog, forever demanding a kiss, even after Emeralda has turned into a frog herself. A comic character for the most part, he was charming and likeable. It’s cute how he looks out for Emeralda even if he does poke fun at her.

They nearly get eaten several times. Oh and talking frogs are an important ingredient if you’re not an talented witch. Not all witches are bad, Emeralda’s Aunt Grassina included. Through the story we see Emeralda grow more comfortable with herself and her powers as a witch.

It takes a kiss to right all things.

Also, fun characters.

There’s a bat. And a snake that I took a liking to(not enough of him in the story!). And a mysterious dog. If I say anymore I’ll spoil it for you. The dialogue fell flat a few times but it was still good to tromp alongside these animals for the most part. They have personality.

There’s a happy ending for everyone and I was pleased with the story overall.

The Frog Princess is a Great Retelling

It does a good job of sticking to the original version for the most part, minus the kiss. I’d mentioned I was excited to see if loyal Henry would pop up. He did! I was excited to see that resolved. *tapes mouth to keep from spoiling it* There were references to other fairy tales too. Not a lot of room for character development nor did it have a whole not of action but as it is aimed at a younger audience I can’t complain. I definitely recommend it!