Elephants Can RememberI recently came across this article on NPR, and being an Agatha Christie fanatic nerd I was very interested. There’s also a radio broadcast (at the top), which is listenable, though some of it gets a little weird, and all in all it’s a fascinating collection of information.

Being one of those people who shows up to fifth grade with a new book every day, I’ve read a number of Agatha Christie books. Poirot has always been my favorite detective, though I’ll read just about anything with her name on it. My book collection has an entire shelf dedicated to her novels, and I have around sixty of the seventy-three.

In short, I know some things about Agatha Christie’s writing style. So when I heard about her last book having 20% less vocabulary, I ran out to the bookstore to find the 73rd novel. Then I realized that I already had it at home and proceeded to buy two other ones that I didn’t think I had, bring them home, and realize that one of them was double titled and I had the other title already. So it goes. Anyways, the 73rd novel, Elephants Can Remember, (isn’t that a perfect name considering the circumstances?) apparently has a heightened number of “indefinite words,” like ‘something’ or ‘nothing’ and is about Ariadne Oliver losing her memory. All of this adds up to a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie. Was she really losing her mind, or was it planned? Not only was the article on NPR interesting, I had fun reading the comments, and hope you do to!

Get reading,