Fake ID by Walter SorrellsWhen I was probably twelve, I read this trilogy of books called Hunted, by Walter Sorrells. They were incredibly interesting and very well written, and each one was better than the last. I got them from my school’s library, which was nice because they were free and pretty much indestructible. I checked them out, read them, and sent them back, never to be seen again.

As most people will have realized, I have an ongoing project of collecting books that I loved when I really was a middle-grade-aged reader, and not just a middle grade enjoyer. I’ve managed to check most of them off my list, but the Hunted trilogy has been particularly elusive. In fact, I’ve been looking for it at local bookstores for several years, and nothing’s ever come of it. It’s just not that popular a trilogy, I guess. Or maybe it’s so good that no one ever gives it up.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I got an email from my bookstalker app, telling me that there was a copy at my favorite location of my favorite local bookstore. Not only that, but it was like four dollars. I rushed out there the minute I could, mostly because I was really excited, but also because I was worried that someone was going to beat me to it, and when I got there the second book in the series was also sitting on the shelf. I believe that’s called destiny.

So, with two new books checked off my list, I only have one more elusive novel to hunt down. (Hah, get it? Hunt down, Hunted series… No? Just me? Fine.) It may take me until I’m ninety to find the last one, but I swear that it will happen eventually. I will just order it off Amazon if it comes to that, but finding it locally is more fun.

Are there any books that you’re constantly on the lookout for?