requiemTitle: Requiem
Author: Jamie McGuire
Pages: 257(paperback)
Rating: 2/5
Other reviews: Book I

I remember being impressed with the first book so when I saw this in display at the library I couldn’t help but pick it up with some measure of high expectations. Much to my dismay, I found REQUIEM to have suffered greatly from the dreaded middle book syndrome. The synopsis:

Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning.

Still healing from her last run-in with Hell, Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown University student, but also as an intern at Titan Shipping, her father’s company. Recurring nightmares about her father’s violent death have become a nightly event, but being overwhelmed with guilt from Ryan’s unexpected departure to the Armed Forces, and heart ache over Claire being across the ocean to protect him, Nina believes her sleepless nights are the least of her problems—but she’s wrong.

Worried about Nina’s declining health, Jared must steal back Shax’s book for answers. Fighting new enemies, and with the help of new friends, Jared’s worst fear comes to fruition. Desperate, he is faced with a choice: Fight Hell alone, or start a war with Heaven.

 Where to start? The romance I so praised in PROVIDENCE has evolved into a sort of given that Jared will be there to protect Nina and they have such a great connection that he seems to read her thoughts. In truth, I found Nina to be a wimp. Several times you’re told that she’ll stop crying. Don’t hold your breath, I do believe she spent most of the time in tears. Or stressed (which may or may not have caused me to feel stressed out myself. Might just be school though, hehe).

In book time, McGuire skips through a whole year and not much gets done. In fact, I would daresay nothing in this book happens. Sure they learn about the prophecy foretelling dire things but as a reader I don’t just want to be handed this information. So much potential for some great action scenes but they happen elsewhere while we sit tight with Nina, safe and sound. There were a few times when I was successfully confused with the paranormal things going on or the explanations of them.

None of the characters stood out this time. New or old. Ryan was a little less annoying. The ending was pretty much what I expected, no surprise there. There were some fun moments in the book, I won’t deny that.

Overall, REQUIEM didn’t rise to my expectations in any form and I was a little happy to just finish it. Not sure if I’ll be picking up the third book anytime soon, we’ll just have to see.