Again, I bring you the Uglies Playlist Review. We haven’t had one in a long time, and apart from my incoherent ‘sounds like this, is like this’ review of The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw, there hasn’t been much music around here in the past could weeks.

By now I’m assuming I don’t have to explain the base of the Uglies Trilogy, either you’ve read it or you can go catch up on the first two parts of my playlist here and here. Now for the music, which would be the whole point. Today I’m doing chapters 12-16 in book 1 (obviously). That’s pages 103-146 if you want to read along in your copies at home.

Chapter 12: Special Circumstances

The Looks – MSTRKRFT
Special Circumstances and Dr. Cable are all very hard, smooth people. Plus, this book (and the end of this chapter) is all about looks (and Tally’s lack of them, by pretty standards). Therefore, this electronic tune by MSTRKRFT is the bestest.

Chapter 13: Ugly for Life

Unsaid – Little People
Tally spends most of this chapter completely devastated over her lack of prettiness, and then her parents show up and talk to her. The contemplative and sad tone of this song match the chapter completely.

Chapter 14: Peris

You Are – Lost Ocean
Tally gets a visit from Peris, her best friend, and he reminds her of a promise she made him long before she met Shay. This song is very sad and sweet, and it also mentions promises (handy coincidence, yeah?).

Chapter 15: Infiltrator

Never Going Back to OK – The Afters
Tally makes a decision.

That’s the end of Part I!
Enter Part II: The Smoke

Chapter 16: Leaving

Brackish Water
Tally heads out to find Shay, alone with nothing but her board and her pack. This song is very calm and lonely, much like Tally’s trip to the train tracks. Also, it’s got that backcountry feel that Tally’s solo adventures to the Smoke all seem to have undertones of.

Enjoy the music and HAPPY FRIDAY,