I realize that this might be considered cheating, but I just had to post another playlist today. I was about to start writing my normal post and came across this playlist, created by Ally Condie, the author of the Matched trilogy. The third book, Reached, came out about a month ago, and though I’m sad to say I haven’t managed to finish it yet, it is awesome where I am right now.

Back on topic, Ally Condie has made a playlist for all three books in the Matched series, and the ones for Matched and Crossed were both fantastic. I can’t judge this one quite yet because I haven’t finished the book yet, but it sounds pretty fitting so far. The explanations for each song can be found on Ally’s website, here.

Sadly, there was one song I couldn’t find on the playlist host we use. The Water is Wide by Steven Sharp Nelson was hiding, but it’s here on Myspace. (Myspace? I don’t remember it either) The Water is Wide

Maybe I’ll post more of a commentary on individual songs and how they fit into the story once I’ve had a chance to finished the final installment, but for now, enjoy the music!

Also, if you need Reached but can’t make it to the bookstore to get it, I suggest you order it from Powells.com! It’s my favorite indie bookstore that ships anywhere in the US, and Reached is 30% off for the holidays!

Keep listening,