No real post today, just a quick shout out and some useful information.

As you’ve probably realized, I really like Jessica Therrien’s books. I think I’ve done two posts on Oppression? Yes? This is because it’s an awesome book. Now you have a chance to see for yourself. If you go here and fill out a quick form, Jessica Therrien will give you a copy of Oppression in exchange for an honest review. It’s awesome if you have a blog like us and can post on there, but even if you don’t you can post online reviews to, Goodreads, and the Barnes & Noble website. Sadly, I can’t take part in this awesome opportunity because I have already reviewed and raved about it on every platform available. But it’s not too late for you!! The book is so good that when you finish you’ll want to go post about it. Plus, the next one’s coming up . . . Just in time to put on your Christmas list.

Oppression - Jessica Therrien