For this favorite classic book I thought I’d go back to another favorite and rarely recognized thing we do on Bookmarks: a playlist review! It’s been forever since I’ve done one and I’m excited to be back with the music.

Since Uglies is a fairly long book, (425 pages in the popular paperback), I’m going to split it up a bit. Today, I’ll be doing the first five chapters, and I’ll occasionally post a set of chapters unannounced. Sound fabulous? I think so.

Without further ado, I give you the first five chapters of Uglies, by Scot Westerfeld.

Chapter 1: New Pretty Town

Oh Me, Oh My – Imogen Heap
I picked Oh Me, Oh My not so much because of the lyrics (which are quite fitting with the end of Uglies and most of Pretties), but because it sounds like I think Tally (main character Tally, not our Tally) must sound and think. She’s strong, but not forceful, like Shay.

Chapter 2: Best Friends Forever

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady Gaga
Tally spends most of this chapter at a raucous Pretty party, and I always imagine something like this playing in the background while she runs around.

Chapter 3: Shay

She’s Lost Control – Joy Division
This chapter (obviously) deals with introducing Shay, who is as grungy as anyone in the Uglies’ world ever is, so I picked a song a little more gritty than the Lady Gaga and Imogen Heap. She would laugh at both of the songs above, but that’s also fitting, ’cause she laughs at Tally all the time. Shay’s also just a bit off her rocker, which She’s Lost Control conveys well.

Chapter 4: Wipe Out

Body Talk – Kix and Release Me – Oh Land
This chapter is equal parts unimagined excitement for Tally and ‘fight the system’ for Shay, with just a bit of bittersweet realization about Tally and Shay’s upcoming surgery. Body Talk is not just a fitting topic, since they’re talking about their bodies, but it sounds a lot like I think Shay must. Release Me deals with both the ‘I hate the way things are’ and sadness aspects of the chapter.

Chapter 5: Pretty Boring

Out of Control – She Wants Revenge
By this point in the book, Shay has converted Tally into a fair hoverboard flyer, and is trying to get her to break the law again. Though Out of Control doesn’t really relate to the plot line of the chapter, if Uglies were a movie and I were the director, it would be playing while they’re hoverboarding. It just sounds like I imagine hoverboarding would feel.

I leave you on this cliffhanger. What does the roller coaster scene sound like? Stay tuned for my opinion.

Congrats on making it through the week,