replicationTitle: Replication
Author: Jill Williamson
Pages: 294 (Hardcover)
Rating: 3.8/5

Martyr, known as J:3:3 is ready to fulfill his purpose at Jason Farms until a new doctor comes and brings to light one of Martyr’s greatest wishes. To see the sky before he expires. This desire leads to an escape from everything he has ever known into the the snowy landscape of Alaska and one special girl.  Her name is Abbey Goyer.

Abbey Goyer is concerned for her father and his new job at Jason Farms. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s done something illegal in the name of science. Dealing with a new school and a handsome but infuriating and persistent JD Kane, Abbey’s prayers are answered in the shape of a boy, hiding in her room. His name is Martyr.

Together they uncover lies and truths that will change everything but first they will have to face the original Jason…

I’ve had this book for… More months than I care to count. The awesome author Jill signed it and at my request, gave me some words of encouragement. Jill, I bawled when I saw what you wrote. And I sort of did a happy squee too. There was one thing that made me put off reading REPLICATION all these long months. Science fiction. Yes I know it’s not a far cry from fantasy but I’ve never had a taste for this genre. I finally picked it up and read the first page. I read it in two sittings.

REPLICATION exceeded my expectations by far. It caught my attention immediately and I found myself captivated by Martyr and the workings of Jason Farm. Abbey is another neat character and her anxiety for her father felt real. Text fights with him  made me smile, what an awesome idea but they also had face-to-face confrontations which kept things real. Most of the  characters were pretty fleshed out and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy the awkward questions of Martyr and the cheerful optimism of Abbey.

Of course this is a story that questions the morality of cloning and its uses. Dr. Kane seemed like a desperate, mad scientist along with his companion doctors (Dr. Elliot especially) and they helped create a dramatic climax that I enjoyed fully (I did get turned around inside Jason Farm and had to consult maps a few times).  It all seemed very real and I could see it unwinding like a movie in my head… Until the ending. The ending had a less realistic feel, too optimistic for a case like the Jasons. Sweet though. And Martyr gave me another little surprise with the act of mercy he showed. No spoilers but… good for him! I felt proud of him:)

There is no lack of action in this book and I liked at the sci-fi elements more than I thought. I thought the christian elements were flawlessly integrated into the story without sounding forced. I would have liked to get to know JD a little more deeply and I was left curious about the other Farms still out there. Abbey wasn’t as enjoyable as Martyr but then again, she didn’t live at Jason Farm. I can live at peace now, knowing that this book DESERVES a spot on my favorites shelf and not just because of the inspiring words Jill wrote to me!

Jill Williamson has other books published including a fantasy trilogy called the BLOOD OF KINGS that I totally want to read now. In fact, I do believe I have the first book on my really long to-read list…