We’re at the halfway mark of the month and by this time all NaNoers should have 25K. I do and I have had those precious 25K words for days now…. Not that I’m complaining but if I want to reach 50K by Black Friday I should be writing. My MC threw my a plot twist just as I reached 25K, Sunday night. I was all o.O and WHY?!?!

The good news it appears, is that my characters are talking to me. Crazy sounding for you nonwriterly types but every writer wants this. It’s a good indication that this is happening when you don’t know what to write about next and then, suddenly, your MC throws you off a cliff and starts to tell the story while you stare opened mouth. No really it happened.

Seems like I’ve hit the dreaded Middle Doldrums! I’m dragging my feet and staring at the screen like it’s the first day of NaNo and I’ve yet to overcome the dreaded blank page. But this time there are already words. I have no idea how to overcome this mini crisis but that’s always been the fun of it:)

I’m going to go sit down and write for the rest of the evening. Before I leave you let me share the soundtracks that apparently helped my MC pull the rug from underneath me;) And yes, I do like Disney music!!!