Hey everyone, having a good Thursday? I know I am, I’m always happy to talk about NaNoWrimo.

It’s Day 8 in NaNoLand and I’m 1000 words behind on the word goal of 13333. But all is possible! I’ve been having a bunch of fun writing this year and experiencing writer’s high is just as great as runner’s high! I’ve been having my share of procrastinating time of course. Here are a couple of incentive that will make you want to start your own NaNo Novel(it’s never too late to start!)

Nanotoons.com– I’ve been having such a great time reading these. I discovered them last year while browsing through the NaNoWriMo tabs, great cartoon created by awesome people.

Aaanndd… there’s a musical this year NaNoMusical. One of the creators of NaNotoons Errol stars as the hilarious Rick. Check it out.

Procrastinating too much like me? Here’s some of the special offers for NaNoers and those that will cross the line!

Createspace is back once more, offering 5 free paperback copies of you book. Always a favorite with Wrimos.

Scrivener is also back, the tool that every writer seems to love these days. They are offering a 50% discount to winners and 20% off for just participating!

Writeway, another writer’s helper is free for all Wrimos until 12/15/12. I’ve been tempted to take them up on their offer but I’d spend more time procrastinating trying to figure the program than writing. Still cool though and you more dedicated writers might enjoy this!

There’s a whole bunch of new sponsors as well(or I haven’t been paying attention) like Tinderbox that will help with all those notes, BiblioCrunch that connects you with publishing professionals with a full year membership to all winners and 50% for participants and Aeon Timeline, a nifty timeline tool. I’m tempted with the 40% discount for winners that Aeon will offer (20% for all participants) I’m so terrible at remembering when this or that took place.

But most of all, this is for all of you romance writers, Avon Impulse will be taking your romance(and subgenre) book, yep your NaNo novel up for consideration for publication!!! They will be taking submissions up until December 10 here. They created NaRoWriMo just for those romance writers. I’m not in this catergory but I wish the rest of you the best!

This still not enough to get you madly pecking at your keyboard? You must not be a very exciting person then…. 😉 I’ve been having so much fun with my own tinychat group and all the word warring and camaraderie. You want to meet other writers, this is you chance. Join in the fun, I’ll be waiting and you can add me as a writing buddy.

See you in NaNoLand!