As someone who always has very strong views on books and their characters, I normally don’t bother frustrating myself with book trailers. But when I saw this:

I impulsively clicked on it, and am disappointed by what I saw. I’m just going to assume that you’ve read Matched and Crossed because it seems like everyone else in the world has. (minor spoiler alert here)

My first beef with the trailer: Is that what Cassia actually looked like to people? Seriously? That is not what was happening in my head.

My second: Those glass balls. The green, blue, red motif came from PILLS, guys! I realize that the bubbles were on the cover, and that was a cool idea, but the visual on this video just isn’t doing it for me. It’s not dramatic, it’s just kind of . . . Ugly. I hate to say it, but it’s the word that comes to mind.

My third objection: Who was the dude who she broke out of the red bubble there at the end? It seems to me like Kai was never, ever in the bubble, and after that last revelation at the end of Crossed, I think Xander is doing fine on his own.

And the last and most trivial: In a series I feel was sort of supposed to showcase girl empowerment, why do they have to have one of those typical, deep-voiced male announcers ending the book trailer?

Do you like the trailer? Do you like book trailers in general? Is ending posts with questions weird?