Title: a little wanting song (US) or Chasing Charlie Duskin
Author: Cath Crowley
Pages: 262 (Hardcover)
Rating: 3.8

The title fits like a glove. It’s a story of (more than) a little wanting by two girls, music-loving Charlie and Rose, the girl obsessed with leaving town and rising to her true potential.

Charlie wants a friend. Not only that but she wants her dad to notice her and her talent for music. Seven years ago her mother died and the recent death of the grandmother makes the family drift further apart. Then there’s the incident with the bikini top.

Rose would love nothing more than to be able to go to the city and accept that science scholarship. She won’t make the same mistake as her mother and stay stuck in that boring town. Even if it means leaving her best friend Dave and her other best friend/boyfriend Luke. Then Charlie comes back for the summer and Rose begins to plot.

The characters I found to be remarkably much like teenagers. Charlie was a bit spineless at the beginning but after much pushing around and many misunderstandings the reader finds that she does indeed have some steel in her. It’s a bit fun watching her belt out her anger through her music. Her love of music is beautifully projected and with every other chapter you read one of her own composed songs. They sing of wanting. The other character I liked best was Dave, Charlie’s love interest. He’s sweet and doesn’t come out as flat as Luke. Rose is not too bad though there’s a rather quick transition between not really being Charlie’s friend to truly caring about her.

The story played out well, bittersweet as expected but full of hopefulness. It’s a story that reaffirms the power of music in healing old wounds and making romance and friendship blossom under an Australian sky. Did I mention how wonderful the writing is? It conveys every emotion so beautifully!

Go read for yourself.