Author: Sarah J. Maas (SHE’S DOING NANO!!! How awesome is that?!?!(seriously I will convince you to do NaNo…))
Pages: 406(Hardcover)
Rating: 4/5

Yes, we’re getting rather NaNo obsessed in our little corner of the world. My deepest apologies for not posting on Monday, I’m devouring books before the Great Spilling of Words come November. I remember finding out about Throne of Glass not that many months ago. It caught my attention because Sarah started writing it when she was 15. I was 15 years old myself when I wrote my first novel length… thing. 😀 It was also the year when I first did NaNoWriMo. Did I mention how awesome NaNo is?

THRONE OF GLASS read as something that was a joy to write. It pulled my heartstrings, made me smile, and oh goodness as it all came togther, the suspence! A brief quote from unique Celaena Sardothien:

Princes are not supposed to be handsome! They’re sniveling, stupid, reulsive creatures! This one… this… How unfair of him to be royal and beautiful.

She’s a smart, sassy, vain, determined, far from cold-hearted assassin recruited by the Crown Prince and his friend the Captain of the Guard. Celaena is sure of herself and her abilities but I did enjoy that she wasn’t immediately kickass right after the release from her imprisonment. It took time to heal and train. Admittedly when the word assassin comes to mind I think of a ruthless killer. But Celaena is far from that. This girl feels.

There’s love. I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy yet another love triangle but Dorien and Chaol are cute and each have something going for them. There is a great amount of banter between them all and I loved every second of it! I’m leaning towards Chaol at the moment. The love triangle itself wasn’t too overbearing and there were several mentions of a past love, Sam. (EBOOK NOVELLAS of THRONE OF GLASS might shed some light, I haven’t had a chance to read them yet.) There was a music scene. The lovely ache of past love made my eyes fill with tears(what can I say, I’m a sucker for any mention of music combined with a powerful emotion…)

The competition to be the King’s assassin left me wanting. The final showdown, as I said previously was suspenseful and well worth the read but the events leading up to it were surprisingly tame. An archery competition isn’t very exciting in my books. I did enjoy it nonetheless.

There is so much more to explore in Celaena’s world and so much room for so many things to happen. I think the first book barely touches on what Celaena is capable of doing and I’m excited to see all the characters in the second book coming out next year. I wish there were more books like this in the YA genre. Maas is someone to look out for, she’s got everything needed to write an amazing fantasy story.

Wishing I could review this book better and totally recommending it

*spelling edit on 10/28/12