Great subscribers, all six of you, I have some very sad news for you all.

There comes a day in every book bloggers’ life, I think, where they sit at the computer for an hour and strongly consider whether their math textbook is worthy of a post. And sadly, for me this day has come. I haven’t read any non school related books in weeks, though I’ve bought many of them, and they’re all stacked up on a shelf that my chair is resolutely facing away from. I even bought The Casual Vacancy on CD so I could listen to it while I did my schoolwork. But alas, no. I have nothing to post about. So I’m going to give myself some more motivation. If there’s a book you’d like to read, but, just like me, have no time, comment or email me at bookmarks(dot)rosey(at) and I will read it as quickly as I can and post a very nice review for the rest of the world to enjoy. Probably as a Sunday post. I think I’ll call this “Filling the Mental Shelves of Rosey” (maybe I’ll iron out the title a little bit), and it will be my new pet. Only with less smell and better taste in books.

Actually, dear subscribers, maybe it’s good news after all.

Fancy graphics hopefully coming soon,