Ever since I was a little kid, on event of the first fall rain I think “I need to get a huge blanket and a Nancy Drew book.” But being a jaded old person as I am now, I 1) Didn’t have an unread Nancy Drew on hand and 2) didn’t have enough time to read much. And so I turned to a collection I acquired at a little bookstore in Texas when I had some time to kill:

Nancy Drew #1

Nancy Drew graphic novels!!! And to add to the excitement, Stefan Petrucha (one of the author/illustrators) is a favorite author for his Timetripper series (different post, though. Maybe soon.)!!

They’re actually really fun to read, and the art is pretty good quality. They’re mostly new plot lines and mysteries, and besides being pretty have actual suspense potential. And did I mention that they’re a perfect rainy day read? Yes? Well, glad you remembered.

This one would be my all time favorite:
Nancy Drew #5

Coming in from the rain,