Today, because of an impending debate tournament, I bring you a relatively short post. But never fear! It will be full of more than one readable item. And yet, no books.

Alas, today we discuss magazines and their not quite similarities to books. First, I must confess which ones I read:

IKEA 2013The IKEA catalogue (yes, the IKEA catalogue is a magazine to me)


Marie Claire


Harper’s Bazaar


Now I must admit that I don’t read every article of every one of these magazines. I flip through them, pick out the most interesting topics, and skim the main ideas. During the summer I actually do read most of the material, but nowadays I see the magazine and flop it on the ever expanding pile of things I haven’t read yet.

While I enjoy a good magazine, they will never take the place of books for me. They’re like the cute little brother that I occasionally babysit, whereas books are the main attraction. But to those people who say that reading magazines is bad for you, I don’t think that’s completely true. I think that anything that you like to read should be read, even if it’s not considered ‘literature’. And as someone who’s planning on spending over twelve hours in a cafeteria with 140 other high school students tomorrow, I have to say that they can provide a welcome distraction.

Here’s hoping your Friday’s been less hectic than mine,