Amanda by Penelope Stricklin Title: Amanda
Author: Rosey (aka Penelope Stricklin)
Pages: 381 (paperback)
Rating: decide for yourself!

I feel the time has come to announce myself. I was hesitant to introduce myself in the beginning but we’ve known each other long enough that I can confess to what I’ve been hiding:

I am a YA author.

Alas, yes, the very thing I write about, I also write.

My book is called Amanda, and it is most definitely YA. It’s about two teenagers, Jonah and Jubilee, who are on a flight to New Zealand when it crashes. They survive, just barely, but one woman in particular does not, leaving a toddler orphaned and stranded on a tiny island. It’s a sad state when the most qualified foster parents are two teens, but that’s the situation on the island. And so Jubilee and Jonah become parents, if only by accident.

Writing a review of my own book feels weird, so I’m just going to put the cover summary here:

Jubilee Jelliano and Jonah Miken have always been best friends. Now seventeen and eighteen, they’re facing a whole new kind of challenge. A baby. But not the kind you’re thinking of, the nine month model. They’re stuck on an island with a little kid who’s not potty trained, still drinks out of bottles, and doesn’t like to walk. And did they mention the whole stranded on a deserted island thing? That sucks. A novel about friendship and overcoming unbelievable odds, Amanda is a journey that spans the space between young-adulthood and parenthood, and the places in between.

I think it’s good, and I wrote it because I wanted to read it, hopefully that’s what counts. It’s available on Amazon here.

Back to editing (not actually),