Author: Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme
Pages: 333 (Paperback)
Rating: 3.5/5

You didn’t think I’d forgot to post on Bookmark’s 1st month birthday did you? Ha, well I may have been a little busy stalking, erm, communicating with one of my favorite authors on reddit. Sometime I’ll have to write a long and winding post about him. Today I bring you food. French food to be exact, created from a beautifully charming woman by the name of Julia Child. You may have heard of her. You may haves seen the movie, Julie & Julia. I haven’t… yet. But after reading this book, my curiosity is stirred.

I’m not that great about reading nonfiction books. I will admit to you that this is a school assignment. Read a nonfiction book. Being a hardcore fantasy girl I will also admit that I’ve been putting it off. But no longer.

I like a book that portrays a person that has an inner passion for what they do. This book has that. It’s a memoir of Julia Child and her husband, Paul, when they go to live in France. Written with the help of the grandnephew Alex Prud’homme in her late years, Julia felt like such a vigorous, live-loving, food-loving, spirited lady.

With her lively recounting you’re told of the trial and errors in learning French, the eccentric maids, and yes the food! No matter that you don’t know what half the French, elegant sounding dishes are, you’r mouth is bound to water. You walk along her as she becomes that joyful cook that enjoys every dish and gives classes and makes friends and travels and…

The pictures! Those amazing pictures scattered throughout the pages tell a story in and of themselves. Taken mostly by her husband, an artist among other things, they portray Julia Child and her surroundings that warm you to her. I must warn you that she had a tendency to say French phrases without translating it to poor me who has no knowledge of this charming language. A minor inconvenience.

I’ve barely touched the surface of this book. It’s such a vibrant recounting of the good and the bad of  life and cooking (you really can’t separate the two when it comes to Julia Child). If you want a sweet memoir to read on those lazy days and enjoy the overuse of exclamation marks, pick up MY LIFE IN FRANCE!


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