Author: Bonnie Hearn Hill
Pages: 278(Paperback)
Rating: 2.8/5

Today I bring you another lower level YA (high MG?) book. It’s a mixture of journal notes and the story itself, I haven’t read something like this in a while.

Logan brings the confidence of the stars into her life when she discovers FEARLESS ASTROLOGY. With it she hopes to impress her English teacher, Mr. Franklin (Frankenstein) so she can get that stellar recommendation which will get her into the summer writing program she desperately wants. And maybe that hot senior, Nathan will notice her and ask her out. But all is complicated when the infamous Gears come into the picture and Logan promises to find them through the use of astrology alone.

Astro Girl as they call Logan is launched into a popularity that she handles with ease. I liked reading about her and her interactions with her two best friends, Chili and Paige. The friends have fun making their crushes fall for them and I think each one had a fun personality to read about.

There are no great twists that you don’t see coming but its a nice book for the younger audience and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about a girl who wants to enter into a writing program but has to get that high-standards teacher to notice their hard work. Frankenstein, ahhm, Mr. Franklin was actually a great and encouraging teacher despite being a Taurus.

You’ll have to read this book to find out what I mean. Not a complicated story but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.