Authors: Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams
Pages: 472 (Hardback)
Rating: 3.8/5

I’ve always had a fascination with stories that take you beneath the surface of the Earth. So I absolutely had to read this book oh so many years ago. I enjoyed every bit off it to say the least.

It starts off with the usual premise. Dad disappears leaving his equally enthusiastic-about-digging son, Will Burrows to search for him. This task leads Will along with his friend Chester into a dark world beneath the surface. The rulers of The Colony, the Styx go out of their way to make Will, trapping him in their world (with great twist) and sending Chester deeper into the bowels of the ear.

The Burrows family is very, interesting. The mother is a tv addict, the father is hopelessly caught up in his digs. The son(Will) is equally caught up and the daughter, Rebecca, is the strangest of them all. From the start you know she’s a sly one. But why? I’ll let you find that out for yourself.

The bad guys, the Styx are cunning and ooze evil. The subterranean culture, I found to be fascinating and believable. They’re very religious-oriented (brainwashed). And oh, the science explanations! They are the best part of the book by far. The authors create believable creepy crawlies of the underworld and their use of suspense kept me turning the pages. I read this in one sitting (all the books in the series in fact have been read in a single sitting).

The pacing was slow at first but the characters keep your attention as each have their own story to tell and it all unveils into a magnificent ending that makes you want to pick  up the next book. Will just won’t be held back in the search for his father….