Author: Coleen Murtagh Paratore (Paperback)
Pages: 192
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s one of those rainy, slow days in my part of the world. I thought I’d review one of my favorite books to read on a cloudy day when you can curl up with a cozy book. Granted this is for a younger audience but I still enjoy it.

THE WEDDING PLANNER’S DAUGHTER follows Willa the daughter of yes, a wedding planner. Willa is a bookish girl who moves with her mother to Bramble, Cape Cod, a picturesque setting. Mother doesn’t allow Willa near weddings as they might put silly, glamorous thoughts in her head. Being a dreamer in the heart, Willa adds that perfect ingredient to her perfect, closed-hearted mother’s weddings. Just a little love.

Crushing on a gorgeous boy nicknamed JFK while trying to get Sam the English teacher to sweep her mother into the land of love, it’s the perfect concoction of book love and romantic love.

There’s the beautiful ocean lovingly depicted, taffy you can almost taste, and classical stories that you’ll want to pick up after you finish this book. It’s just a sweet story that you’ll want  to pick up again and again. Next time there’s the wind howling and the pitter -patter of the rain drums on your roof, curl up and read a good book.