The Compound by S.A. BodeenTitle: The Compound
Author: S.A. Bodeen
Pages: 245 (paperback)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

S.A. Bodeen is one of those authors that generally gets noticed like this: “Hey, look I just finished this amazing book! You have to read it! It’s called {enter chosen book here} and it’s by – hey! Wait! It’s by S.A. Bodeen!!” Seriously, this has happened with probably three of her books. Then I was scheduling author events near where I live and I learned that she lives very close to my city. Then I was reclaiming childhood books (that’s another post, though) and I realized that one of them was by her. It’s one of those ongoing coincidences that seems like it should be impossible. But, again and again, it happens. And so I bring you The Compound, a book by S.A. Bodeen.

Eli Yanakakis is the son of billionaire Rex Yanakakis, and he is in prison. A prison with imitation sunsets and a massive flat screen that drops from the fireplace, admittedly, but to him it feels like prison. And worse of all, it’s a prison with no visiting hours. And when your twin brother can’t visit, life is worse than death-by-nuclear-fallout.

When Eli’s dad gets the news that the US is under attack by nuclear bomb, he has forty minutes to get his family into the Compound, his luxury fallout center. Since they don’t live so far away, it should be simple. Get into the car, drive, get out of the car, get into the Compound, and close the door that will seal them in for fifteen years.

Not so. Eli’s family splits up, and his father does the unthinkable; he closes the door without Eddy, Eli’s twin brother, and Eli’s grandmother. Enter Eli’s own personal purgatory. He has never been without Eddy before, and now Eddy is dead, and it’s Eli’s fault. Or so he thinks. But as Eli explores the compound and lives out his sentence, he begins to realize that not all is right in the safe haven of the Compound.

This book has been on my favorites shelf for far longer than many of the books I read now. Something about it’s thrilling pace, complex narration, and just plain cool premise has kept me interested since 2008, when it came out. I love the characters (except for the antagonist, who is so amazingly hate-able it’s comforting) with an unreasonable passion, and find the Compound absolutely fascinating. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes this book so indescribably . . . Delicious. Seriously, reading it is comparative to chocolate to me. It’s one of those books that I feel actually lucky to have happened upon.

For all of you nanoers out there, The Compound is a NaNoWriMo book. For more information on NaNoWriMo, click here.

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