You know what’s been on my mind? Figuring out a way my brother to see how great books are. I’ve had some success(why are boys such reluctant readers?). I recommend this book for the reluctant, young boy reader. (slightly spoilerish review)

Author: Adam Blade
Pages: 78
Rating: 3/5

Dreaming of being a knight is all Tom, an apprentice blacksmith can do. But when mysterious happenings with fire occur, Tom gets his chance to go out on adventure. Gaining  friends and companions in Storm a stallion, Silver a wolf, and Elenna a young girl, Tom sets out on request of the king and his wizard to fight a dragon, one of the Beasts of Avantia…

This has everything to keep a young mind engrossed in this fantastical tale. Magic items, a climatic fight, and did I mention a dragon? There’s an evil wizard too. In the short space of this story Adam Blade manages to create a world that you want to learn more about. This book includes sneaking into the castle, running from soldiers, and the fight with the dragon!

To make it even better, the book has full page illustrations by Ezra Tucker and let me tell you, they are pretty awesome and enrich the story further. Ahem, I haven’t read an illustrated story in a while(in a long, long while) but it was worth reading just for the pictures alone! It’s your average fantasy book for young people. Ferno is… well, every inch the dragon that a dragon can be!

I’m not afraid to admit I have several of the Beast Quest books and they get better with every book. There’s plenty of action in each one.

Pick it up, give it to that kid who is the future fantasy writer and smile as they devour it. They’ll thank you later.

Find more at Beast Quest.

Hoping you like dragons