Delirium by Lauren OliverTitle: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Pages: 480 (Hardcover)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I don’t usually start off my reviews with quotes, but today I couldn’t resist.

“For some of us, [the cure is] about more than the deliria. Some of us, the lucky ones, will get the chance to be reborn: newer, fresher, better. Healed and whole and perfect again, like a misshapen slab of iron that comes out of the fire glowing, glittering, razor sharp.

That is all I want – all I have ever wanted. That is the promise of the cure.”

It just makes your hairs raise, right? That was Delirium by Lauren Oliver, one of my favorite authors ever.

The main character, Lena, is seventeen, looking forward to when she can be cured of all chances of falling in love, aka becoming infected with the deliria. Her best friend, Hana, is happier than she is, and better off than she is, set to marry the governor’s son. But as excited as Lena is for the cure, Hana is afraid and disgusted at the thought.

When Lena and Hana take their government-officiated tests (like life finals), they are interrupted by a prank (think cows) and alerted that their society isn’t as complacent as it’s always seemed. Enter Hana’s new rebellion; loud, raucous parties with no gender segregation and so much music it’s illegal. When Lena tags along, she meets Alex, someone she’s seen around and noticed. Lena does not notice boys. But there he is, and that worries Lena.

Enter the deliria.

Though I’ve read some rough reviews of Delirium, it’s sequel Pandemonium, and it’s spin off, Hana, I actually really, really loved these books. They were the perfect blend of dystopian and Lauren Oliver for me. Being a huge fan of Before I Fall, I was already going to be excited about Delirium, and then I read it and my head nearly exploded. Then I had to wait forever for the sequel. But it was completely worth it.

I find Lena to be an interesting heroine – not a fantastically strong one, but one that I can relate to. I know that I wouldn’t be like Beatrice Prior or Katniss Everdeen, but I might be able to swing being Lena Holoway. And that’s kind of how you want your characters to be. Or at least I do.

Hana was another highly probable character for me, having had some friends a lot like her in my life since I was three feet high and the tallest in my grade. It’s quite strange to have trouble figuring out if the oldest friend is an antagonist or not. (I still haven’t quite decided.)

And then there’s Alex. Being the most improbably character, he was also my favorite. Charismatic and funny, the time Lena spends with him is the most amusing and fun to read in the book (until Pandemonium).

And so I leave you with one final question:

Would you chose the cure?

See you Friday,