Title: Ethereal
Author: Addison Moore
Pages:225 (print) – 5306 (Kindle Fire)
Rating: 3/5 stars

For my first review, I thought I’d do a book relevant to where I am as I write this; on an airplane, headed home from New York. It might not be obvious why this is at all related to the self-published YA, but be patient – I’ll tell eventually.

Ethereal, by Addison Moore, is an interesting phenomenon. The story follows sixteen-year-old Skyla Messenger through her move to Paragon Island. Skyla is a fairly normal teenage girl. Back home she didn’t have a ton of friends, but didn’t really care. Her mother remarried her terrible stepfather and joined herself and her pestering little sister with terrible stepbrother and terrible stepsister, resulting in their move. She’s bitter about that, too.

When Skyla meets Paragon Island and it’s inhabitants, it’s also pretty cliche. Brielle, the pom-wielding next-door neighbor, greets her as her new best friend. The local hotties, cousins Logan and Gage, are instantly infatuated with her.

And then comes the weird part. Logan, wonderful, gorgeous Logan, is a mind reader just like Skyla. Um, what? Yeah, they’re all -including Gage and Skyla’s deceased father- descendants of the Nephilim, angels who chose earthly women over their jobs in heaven. Very confusing.

But that’s what I like about Ethereal. Once you’ve suspended your disbelief, it’s a story that you can sink into. And that’s the reason it comes to mind on my second four-hour flight of the day. It doesn’t require much thought process initially, is long enough to last through a flight, and hey, it’s free.

Ready for tomorrow’s surprise?

Ethereal is available for free ebook download here.